Thursday, June 22, 2017


Equity Holders and Club Members Of Exclusive Member-Owned Country Club of Palm Beach County Florida Can Now Breathe Easier


(Palm Beach County, Fl)  South Florida is home to many golf courses and country clubs.  However, the board members of the exclusive member-owned Indian Spring Country Club of Palm Beach County knew modifications to their business structure had to undergo some adjustments in order to enjoy their club in lieu of running it.  A decision was made to hire a professional management company to oversee the general operations and governance issues.  This of course was a “short term fix that did not work out” according to Ron Schulman, Indian Spring Country Club President.  As the board members began exploring all their options, despite having strong membership numbers, modest debt, and being in sound financial shape, they decided to sell the club.  Through their research and upon investigating potential brokerages, Hilda W. Allen was the superlative fit for their situation.


Hilda W. Allen, broker and owner of Hilda W Allen Real Estate, Inc. is an industry leader in brokering luxury golf real estate transactions in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.   Hilda is no stranger to representing exclusive, privately member-owned golf clubs.  According to Hilda and through research, HWA has represented many member-owned clubs in recent years, of which two have been in Florida.  The most current property being Indian Spring Country Club that closed on June 1, 2017, The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes in Orlando, and another was 7 Lakes Country Club in West End, North Carolina.


The board members of Indian Spring Country Club can now enjoy their club and lifestyle and breathe a sigh of relief knowing they made the right decision to sell their club and choosing the right brokerage to represent their interest confidentially.  Hilda W. Allen said, knowing what the owners want and protecting the exclusive listing when deciding to sell a member-owned business is one of many of her specialties.  Hilda is extremely pleased to have represented Indian Spring Country Club and their introduction to buyer Concert Golf Partners (Peter Nanula).


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About Hilda W. Allen Real Estate Company:

Hilda W. Allen is an industry leader in Golf Course & Resort Sales.  Her team has a combined total of more than 100 years of real estate business experience with over $1 billion in sales over the past decade.

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